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What is KChess Elite?

KChess Elite is a chess program which lets its users take control when playing chess games. This software is good for professional or novice chess players, casual players, kids who want to learn chess, or anyone who wants to improve their game. This program has a lot of features which assists users in playing a better game of chess. Users will be able to see the chess pieces which have been taken, which player can take what, where the chess pieces can move, the name of the opening (taken from the Encyclopedia of Chess Openings), or which move is suggested by the computer. There is also a type of narration about the position and strength of both chess players, and whether checkmate is inevitable. An arrow will highlight the last move while playing, so players will be able to keep track what has happened during the game. They can set the board to a certain type of layout, enlarge or decrease the size, rotate it, or change the set of pieces. They can also add their own comments to a game.

Chess board layouts can be saved in GIF, PNG, JPG, or Bitmap files, while whole games can be saved to HTML as a web page.

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File types supported by KChess Elite

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Last updated: : August 18, 2014