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What is JetLyric?

jetLyric is an application for the jetAudio media player that allows the viewing of lyrics for a music file currently playing, or to edit and create your own lyrics.

JetAudio is a media player application for Microsoft Windows computers, and devices running the Android operating system, and is classified as shareware (meaning it can be tried for free, after which a limitation kicks in and you have to pay to use its full functions). It also sometimes stylized as "jetAudio" (lowercase j) and is developed by Cowon Systems, Inc., a consumer electronics manufacturer in South Korea which also offers the jetAudio media playback software inside their MP3 players. Among its many features and benefits, jetAudio maintains that its capabilities boast a wide range of advanced playback features and settings for a huge variety of media formats, both video and audio. According to Cowon, jetAudio is one of the oldest media players in Windows, having been originally released in 1997.

JetAudio offers basic music and video support, but also gives users advanced options such as CD ripping and burning, data conversion, sound recording, the ability to edit or create metadata for media files, sound effects, and even Internet radio broadcasting and podcasting. The application's beefed-up Plus VX version has additional features, including a larger file format support, plus transcoding of video files over 30 seconds.

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File types supported by JetLyric

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About file types supported by JetLyric

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Last updated: : December 25, 2023