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IW Application

What is IW Application?

The IW Application from eInstruction is a learning game in English meant for smartphone—specifically, iPhone—users. It can be used with other iDevices, such as iPads and iPods. Well over 70,000 words are in the program, which aims to help users bring up their English vocabularies.

The game’s interface is fairly spares, being dominated by a virtual keyboard. At every turn, the player is made to guess a particular word missing from a supplied piece of text—the text can be a full sentence or even several sentences. The context clues within the text are supplemented by a definition of the word that the player must guess, which appears as well. The player then turns to the digital keyboard and begins to enter letters by pressing their keys on the screen: each time he presses a key, it deactivates. If the key is right, he sees it where it would be positioned in the word being guessed. If the key is wrong, he has to try another. Players can make only 5 wrong keypresses, after which they lose the point of that turn and must move on to the next word.

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File types supported by IW Application

Our users primarily use IW Application to open these file types:

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