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If you are looking for iSpy, you have come to the right place. We explain what iSpy is and point you to the official download.

What is iSpy?

iSpy is a type of software developed by Developerinabox. The software installs a program that allows users to make use of their Web cameras, IP cameras and microphones as their home or office security system.

The program is able to detect motion, so that whenever movement is “felt,” it records sound or video or both at the exact moment when motion was detected. This provides the user with a view of whom or what made the movement, thereby alerting them if unknown and/or suspicious characters are attempting to break in.

Usually, the program is utilized in both homes and offices; where homeowners are alerted if the babysitter is hurting the kids, or if an intruder has ever gone into their home while they were away. For offices, it allows company owners or management to keep track of their employees’ activities during working hours.

The user is allowed to utilize as many cameras and microphones as they want, and may even connect other computers to their home or office network.

Motion detection can be configured so that only relevant movements are recorded. For instance, the user can specify a specific “detection zone” so that only movements within that zone are recorded.

Alerts can be configured as well. The user may choose to automatically enable iSpy to open its interface whenever motion is detected, send an email to the user, or send an SMS.

Download iSpy from the developer

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Download iSpy (external link)


File types supported by iSpy

Our users primarily use iSpy to open these file types:

About file types supported by iSpy

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Last updated: : May 30, 2013