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Internet Download Accelerator

If you are looking for Internet Download Accelerator, you have come to the right place. We explain what Internet Download Accelerator is and point you to the official download.

What is Internet Download Accelerator?

Internet Download Accelerator Active Visual Cart or IDA AVC is a downloading application developed by download master organization. From the name itself, it accelerates all downloads up to 5x faster. It also addresses the common problems of the internet surfers such as broken download or loss of downloaded files IDA AVC also filters up viruses and malware that are sometimes bundled with downloads.

IDA AVC is designed to perform faster downloads than the usual file downloading program in the market. It accelerates all ongoing file downloads by chopping down a file and cuts them into smaller pieces. Then the program downloads it all at the same time. Thus, it lightens the weight of the files being downloaded.

IDA supports internet downloads such as http, https and FTP protocols. With the technology of Active Visual Cart (AVC), the user can immediately download files, music, videos and programs as soon as it is displayed in a browser. It can be downloaded even if it is not a downloadable file under normal circumstance. The AVC automatically detects the files from the Web servers and sends it to the IDA. IDA AVC has various categories like video, audio, programs, documents and more. Thus, the user can properly organize all his downloads to their appropriate folders. In the event that the internet connection is lost, IDA has the capability to resume downloads from where it left off. It does not affect the quality of the files, music or videos.

Another feature of the IDA, it uses the highest bandwidth of the connection regardless of its type for a faster transfer rate. IDA AVC is integrated in all internet browsers used virtually. This includes the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Yandex and Netscape. Apart from this, IDA also installs an additional plug-in for Internet Explorer and Mozilla. Thus, IDA is proven to be the most reliable internet downloading software.

Download Internet Download Accelerator from the developer

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File types supported by Internet Download Accelerator

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About file types supported by Internet Download Accelerator

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Last updated: : November 30, 2022