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If you are looking for InkSeine, you have come to the right place. We explain what InkSeine is and point you to the official download.

What is InkSeine?

InkSeine is a utility currently being prototyped by Microsoft Research. Designed to maximize efficiency and intuitiveness in the UI for tablet PCs, it revamps the current model of touch and pen-to-screen interfaces in favor of one that no longer works off the traditional desktop computer interface. The rationale behind this would be that tablet PCs are not equipped with the same hardware as desktops or laptops, i.e. they have no mouse and keyboard, which all traditional menus are designed to work with. As such, the InkSeine interface attempts to provide tablet PC users with a new model for interacting with applications that is designed specifically for mouse-less and keyboard-less computing.

InkSeine has none of the typical menu bars and pulldown menus of computer interfaces. Instead, it makes use of radial menus accessible through interactive buttons or icons that appear on the screen. Users can access these menus by simply hovering over the button and then swiping towards the command they want—no clicking is required. When inking data on a page, they can also initiate searches of terms by simply circling text. It also facilitates extensive file linking, file insertion, and more.

Download InkSeine from the developer

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Download InkSeine (external link)


File types supported by InkSeine

Our users primarily use InkSeine to open these file types:

About file types supported by InkSeine

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Last updated: : July 8, 2014