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INFOConnect Enterprise Edition

What is INFOConnect Enterprise Edition?

INFOConnect Enterprise Edition is software that provides the user with an integrated desktop application, allowing for multiple host client access to from a common application framework. Users are able to integrate data from different hosts through multiple emulation sessions under a single mainframe.

The software likewise includes various Microsoft Office applications such as MS Word and Outlook, allowing for seamless migration to new or upgraded technologies/platforms. Special MS Office apps are also featured in the software such as spell checker and the Auto Complete tool.

Various productivity enhancement tools are provided by the software. The Keystroke Meter for instance, provides the user with the actual number of keystrokes necessary to execute a certain task against the number of keystrokes saved through the Auto Complete and Auto Xxpand tools.

The Auto Expand tool enables the user to assign abbreviations for commonly-used phrases or other commonly-repeated commands. When the abbreviation, acronym or shortcut is inputted, the Auto Expand tool will provide the expanded version of the abbreviation, as assigned by the user.

Another productivity feature of the software is its capability to execute/open various applications within the same session window.

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File types supported by INFOConnect Enterprise Edition

Our users primarily use INFOConnect Enterprise Edition to open these file types:

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