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Hot Potatoes

If you are looking for Hot Potatoes, you have come to the right place. We explain what Hot Potatoes is and point you to the official download.

What is Hot Potatoes?

HotPotatoes consists of several software programs designed to help educators to create Web-based interactive tests for their students. There are five types of exercises that the user can utilize for their Web-based educational activities: JCloze, JMatch, JQuiz, JMix and JCross. Each of these components comes with their own set of tools to enable the user to create exercises based on program type.

JCloze is a gap-fill type (also known as fill-in-the-blanks) of exercise where the user can write a series of sentences with portions of it left empty or blank. The student must then input the correct answer for each empty space in order to complete the exercise. There are two options provided with the exercise to enable the student to see whether or not the inputted answer is the correct one, and also to get more clues with regards to the correct answer. These options are Check and Hint.

For JMatch, the exercises may come in the form of matching type, where the student will match words with the corresponding picture; and order/sequence exercise, where the user will arrange order of actions, from first to last. The Check option is provided with both types of JMatch exercises.

JCross is an exercise rendered in the form of a crossword puzzle, while the JMix exercise uses jumbled words or sentences, which thee student must arrange according to the order they think is best. JMix features the Check, Undo, Restart and Hint options.

Download Hot Potatoes from the developer

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File types supported by Hot Potatoes

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About file types supported by Hot Potatoes

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Last updated: : March 15, 2023