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hotComm Networking

If you are looking for hotComm Networking, you have come to the right place. We explain what hotComm Networking is and point you to the official download.

What is hotComm Networking?

Hot Comm is a desktop client that enables the users, peer and server to transfer data through the network. The name HotComm was taken from the idea of hot communication, thus, meets the objective of the software. It was designed to provide efficient, reliable and fast network transfer on the web. The HotComm Network client was developed by FirstWorks Networking Inc. It targets the users that frequently hold meetings and conferences through the Internet.

HotComm client is installed on every computer that accesses the Internet and connects to other computers in the world. The software can share and exchange voice, text, and data into other HotComm clients. The features of HotComm include updating the IP address of the user even if it is currently connected to the Internet. Thus, the IP of the user can change from time to time due to multiple clients. This feature eliminates the risk of duplication of IP address.

Apart from this, HotComm also supports voice over, file transfer, text chat and more. HotComm subscribers are logged in the data tables of FirstWorks. They keep track of the IP Address of the users. These data are utilized for analysis and decision making of the company. The active users or subscribers may connect with other HotComm users, as an individual or by group.

There are different version of HotComm, these are HotComm Lite, HotComm pro, HotComm Standard and more. HotComm runs in Windows operating system. It was released as alternative software for network operating system. The only requirement of the software is a stable internet connection for data transfer and other modules.

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Last updated: : January 1, 2014