Hondata K-Series ECU Editor

What is Hondata K-Series ECU Editor?

Hondata transforms the usual Honda engine computer (ECUs) through additional features and by expanding the ECU’s abilities like forced induction. These changes are available through a reflash, or a completely tunable system. Reflashes usually involve the ECU being moved to Hondata. A programmable system requires the ECU to be changed for vehicles assembled before 2006, or an outside programming interface for 2006 models and below.

The K-Series Programmable ECU (K-Pro) includes a hardware convert to any K-Series ECU, alongside Windows software which lets users re-program the ECU and datalog sensors. K-Series can fit inside the ECU, and was designed and made in the USA. It has a USB connection for speed and compatibility. It has a KManager Windows based software for parameter and editing tables, uploading calibrations and datalogging. It contains built-in calibrations for most engine combinations. This program has a built-in datalog for a laptop, and has on-board datalogging memory for up to 2MB, with 10-110 minutes of datalogging. The K-Series has adjustment for different sized injectors that have overall fuel trim. It can be configured for any type of MAP sensor, with up to 5 bars and above.

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