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HAANSOFT NEXCEL is the spreadsheet application which is part of the Hancom Office Suite developed and released by a Korean software company called Hancom, which is formerly known as Haansoft. Aside from the spreadsheet, the suite likewise includes other applications such as Hanword and Hanshow which are the word processor and presentation program respectively.

HAANSOFT NEXCEL functions similarly as the other spreadsheet applications such as MS Excel. It is highly compatible with databases and the file itself can also be opened in PDF. Data from databases can be moved and imported easily using the drag-and-drop gesture of the mouse. Any data files produced using this spreadsheet application can be viewed in two different languages – Hangul and English. This spreadsheet can also be opened using OpenOffice,org applications and it also supports standard ODF files. It cannot, however, be viewed using MS Office tools.

The enhanced version of the HAANSOFT NEXCEL alongside other Hancom Office Suite applications can now be utilized using ThinkFree, another product produced by Hancom Office. The entire suite of applications is automatically included in different mobile devices and tablets such as Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

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