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GPS Photo Tagger

What is GPS Photo Tagger?

The GPS Photo Tagger is a geotagging application by ITravel Tech. It comes in different versions depending on the GPS hardware it would be attached to, such as for Canmore GT-730F, Rayson, MainNav (also called Tracking Master Phototagger), TSI, and SJA (which has two versions of the GPS Photo Tagger driver).

Since GPS Photo Tagger is a geotagging software, standard features and capabilities of geotaggers apply. This is its main feature of attaching geographical data to photos or images, which not only include global latitude or longitude, but may also contain data such as altitude, bearing or heading, distance, accuracy metadata, and if applicable, location names (such as in national parks or in cities). This is useful for people who may wish to search for location-specific services, or news or websites for a particular location. Geotagging is also used to compile a view of a specific location that would not otherwise be apparent from satellite data or maps; a Google service called Panoramio allows geotagged photos to be uploaded to its servers, and these photos (and videos) are attached to maps and can be accessed online.

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File types supported by GPS Photo Tagger

Our users primarily use GPS Photo Tagger to open these file types:

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