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If you are looking for GeoStudio, you have come to the right place. We explain what GeoStudio is and point you to the official download.

What is GeoStudio?

GeoStudio is a geotechnical modeler often used in engineering applications. The program is actually composed of as many as 8 modules for geomodeling. The
modules making up the suite include SLOPE/W, which is used to analyze the stability of slopes; VADOSE/W, which is for vadose zone and soil cover studies;
SEEP/W, a module for analyzing groundwater seepage; AIR/W, which is for analyzing air flow; QUAKE/W, for analyzing earthquakes, SIGMA/W, for analyzing
stress-deformation, CTRAN/W, for analyzing contaminant transport; and TEMP/W, for analyzing geothermal data.

The number of modules included in the user’s copy of GeoStudio would be dependent on his module purchases (since modules can be bought individually) or his
bundle/edition purchase. Of the latter, there are at least 5 from which he can choose. The first 3 are considered “full”, or more properly, professional
versions: GeoStudio Standard, which has SLOPE/W, SEEP/W and SIGMA/W; GeoStudio Professional, which has the 3 modules in Standard as well as TEMP/W, QUAKE/W,
and CTRAN/W; and GeoStudio Universal, which has all the modules. The remaining 2 options are the Student Edition, which is really just for those still
learning geotechnical modeling, and the Basic Edition, which has all 8 modules but with limited functions.

Download GeoStudio from the developer

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File types supported by GeoStudio

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About file types supported by GeoStudio

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Last updated: : August 6, 2014