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Geometry Viewer

What is Geometry Viewer?

Geometry Viewer is an alias for the Discrete Geometry 3D Viewer, a program used in scientific contexts to create visual representations of data. The program makes use of a graphical user interface and leverages OpenGL technology to generate its visualizations. Licensed under the GNU General Public License, it is free to use and install.

The Discrete Geometry 3D Viewer is named a viewer for a reason: that is, while it can pull (very) light duty as a data analysis tool, its primary purpose is simply to visualize data. The Discrete Geometry 3D Viewer is first and foremost a plotting utility, equipped with the ability to generate line plots, volume plots, and surface plots. Other data processing operations—filtering, for instance—are minor concerns in the software.

That said, users can edit their raw data on the tool for some light filtering. It is possible to animate surfaces in applicable plots, to display plots in 3D, to add math to images, and to achieve Fast Fourier Transforms of data. The program is also compatible with a lot of formats, including PNG, CSV, DICOM, TIFF, and Blitz++.

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File types supported by Geometry Viewer

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