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What is Geo?

GEO5 is a geotechnical problem solving software suite. It has many features programs as well as a pleasing GUI (Graphical user interface). The entire suite addresses a diverse range of geotechnical problems having each program in the suite address specific geotechnical task as they communicate with each other in an integrated manner; more specifically, aside from the basic geotechnical engineering task, the programs also feature tunnel analysis, damage assessment from tunneling, rock slope stability, and many others.

The GEO5 a wide range of key features: it has the Integrated Software suite where, as mentioned before, all programs are interconnected in the same environment; it also has the Analytical and Finite Element Solutions, where there are powerful applications are present in addressing the need for analytical methods and Finite Element Method; lastly, there is the user-friendly environment that provides intuitive use of the suite and enables minimum design completion time without prior special training.

The GEO5 software has standards that are applicable for all countries; differing, however are countries that adopt their own standards. The software provide basic standards such as general verification with help of Factory and Safety, general verification according to theory of Limit States, as well as many others.

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