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What is GearBox?

GearBox is a software that is used and integrated in many on-line and video games. It was originally developed by a group of developers called Rebel Boat Rocker which has 5 team members and was released on February 16, 1999.

The software is utilized in several games and among the 5 most played ones are Half-Life, Counter Strike 1, Counter Strike2, Brothers in Arms, Duke Nukem and 3D Realms. Half-life has been released in 6 different series and most of the games developed with GearBox have had different versions as well.
The game engines produced using this software include Unreal 2 , Unreal 3, RenderWare, Bungie's Halo and GoldScr.

In the year 2007, the publisher of the software purchased a technology that would tweak their motion capture sensitivity. This technology is called Moven and is used to enhance their old technology called Vicon optical. With the presence of these two technologies, GearBox is now among the few software with multiple motion capture functionalities.

Prior to buying Moven, GearBox also partnered with two computing companies – Intel and Dell to further improve their workstations and computer systems.

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