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GAMS Distribution

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What is GAMS Distribution?

GAMS, also known as the General Algebraic Modeling System, is a modeling system used for mathematical programming and optimization. GAMS lets the user focus on modeling. It removes the need to think about purely technical machine-specific problems, including addresses calculations, subroutine linkage, storage assignments, flow control, and input-output. GAMS will heighten the available time for conceptualizing and running the model, as well as studying the results. It organizes its own modeling habits by needing an exact and concise specification of relationships and entities. The language used by GAMS is the same as other frequently used programming languages that are familiar to anyone who has experience in programming.

Using GAMS, data is entered once in familiar table and list forms. Models are illustrated in concise algebraic statements, making it easy for both machines and humans to read. Sets of closely-related constraints are placed in one statement. GAMS will generate automatically each equation, and will let the user modify undesired expressions or statements. Statements found in models can be reused without having to change the algebra, in instances where similar problems occur.

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Last updated: : August 21, 2014