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Fusion Translate

What is Fusion Translate?

The Fusion Translate software comes from Jive Fusion and is sold as a proprietary database engine, one used by professional translators. The concept behind the software is to take the user’s previous translations and populate the database with them, then transform that database into a handy reference for future translations so that the user spends less time working on sentences or phrases he has already translated for other texts in the past.

To minimize the possibility of out-of-context translation matching, the program supplies contextual data with all translation entries. This means that translators can easily check the context for translations in order to improve the accuracy of future work. The user needs only to go over the new document that the Fusion Translate software produces after scanning the next text to be translated for phrase or sentence translation matches in its database—each of its suggestions need to be validated by the user first, who thus has oversight of the process without being required to spend too much effort on it. The database’s size is practically unlimited, so users can build up enormous logs of Translation Memory to help them with their work.

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File types supported by Fusion Translate

Our users primarily use Fusion Translate to open these file types:

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