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Forte Software by Weyerhaeuser

If you are looking for Forte Software by Weyerhaeuser, you have come to the right place. We explain what Forte Software by Weyerhaeuser is and point you to the official download.

What is Forte Software by Weyerhaeuser?

The Forte Software by Weyerhauser is intended for use by construction professionals. A sizing solution, it works to calculate loads as well as spacing values between elements such as beams or posts, along with their sizes, the member depth, and the best measurements for meeting standards of both economy and stability. Forte is designed with a straightforward GUI that many a user will find simple enough to figure out sans the aid of a manual. Want to identify new members? Simply use the toolbar for adding them. Want to calculate loads? Use the dedicated tab, which carries myriad load calculation tools users should be able to identify on sight. Everything is more or less cut and dried with the UI, which simplifies matters greatly for users.

The program is equipped with Weyerhauser’s TJ-Pro rating system—a system that lets user evaluate and rate parts of a structure with the goal of meeting a particular performance level. This can be helpful in evaluating options for structural elements (to see if costs can be brought down) while still meeting performance requirements. Wood can be sized with the software as well.

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Last updated: : August 27, 2014