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Formulator Tarsia

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What is Formulator Tarsia?

Formulator Tarsia is an educational program for mathematical instruction. The software is intended to make it easier for mathematics teachers to create engaging activities that their students can work on while learning or applying math lessons at the same time. Using Tarsia, the solution to student apathy to a lesson for numeric decomposition might come in the form of a mathematical domino game, for example. Another example would be the use of Tarsia to model a mathematical jigsaw of a particular numeric pattern. The program allows users to draw shapes as well as insert text (and in any orientation they like, if they had drawn polygons and wish to orient the text along one of the polygon’s non-bottom sides).

As the program automates the creation of such learning models, it allows users to enter the formulae they wish to use as auto-calculating constants of the model they are creating. The result is that they will no longer need to work on creating the answer key or layout for their models any longer: the program does that part of the work for them, letting them focus simply on the input end of the process.

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Last updated: : June 20, 2014