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FMOD Designer

What is FMOD Designer?

The FMOD Designer is an application used to author audio content—not necessarily musical content, however. The most popular use of the application is as a sound effect generator for game developers, as it excels particularly in multi-track audio effect generation. That having been said, it can be (and is in fact also) used in the production of interactive musical clips.

The focus on game sound authoring can be seen in a lot of the application’s features. For example, it has been confirmed to have integration with several game engines, including the CryENGINE and BigWorld. It also has a tool that allows users to control and apply batch edits, a solution for bulk editing when working on big projects.

Multi-track editing capabilities translate to the ability to generate multi-layered and intricate sounds. A slew of DSP effects are bundled into the software too and can be set to activate based on particular in-game triggers. The program supports several composition styles, including the non-linear style and the audio block style. It also has the facilities for live profiling as well as live mixing so that users can check actual performance during gameplay.

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File types supported by FMOD Designer

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