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Flash Magic

If you are looking for Flash Magic, you have come to the right place. We explain what Flash Magic is and point you to the official download.

What is Flash Magic?

Developed by Embedded Systems Academy, Flash Magic is freeware software that is widely used for programming flash based microcontrollers from NXP. The program uses a serial or Ethernet protocol for programming while in the target hardware. In addition, it offers five simple steps to erasing and programming a device and setting key options. The program also displays the contents of Flash in ASCII and Hexadecimal formats.

Flash Magic can program Intel Hex files as well as verify those which were previously programmed. It can read any section of Flash and save as an Intel Hex File. It also features automatic verification when programming is finished. A wave file is likewise played after programming. Additionally, the program can fill unused Flash to increase firmware security. It can also automatically program the supplied checksum to allow a firmware to easily verify the integrity of a Flash block, ensuring no unauthorized or corrupted code can ever be executed. Moreover, the program can also check which Flash blocks are blank or in use with the ability to easily erase all blocks in use. Furthermore, it can reprogram the Boot Vector and Status Byte with the help of confirmation features that prevent accidentally programming incorrect values

Download Flash Magic from the developer

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File types supported by Flash Magic

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About file types supported by Flash Magic

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Last updated: : November 26, 2014