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What is Final Draft?

Final Draft is software developed by Final Draft, Inc. for amateur and professional scriptwriters, playwrights, screenwriters and news writers. The software is generally categorized as a screenwriting program, but it can be utilized by anyone who wants to write for TV, films and theater.

It includes pre-defined templates designed after actual scripts written for TV, movie and performing arts industries. Users can format their material according industry standards through the templates, as well as various tools provided with the software for building outlines and structure.

The software provides the user with the option to keep to keep their index cards on one side of the window, and the script on another; enabling them to view both simultaneously, so they can keep track of changes or insert notes even while the writing is still in progress.

Another feature of the program is the ScriptNotes. This can be utilized for writing down random thoughts or ideas about the script, or keeping sections of a script that the user removed but don’t want to delete, so these can be used for future scripts.

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File types supported by Final Draft

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