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Filter Forge

If you are looking for Filter Forge, you have come to the right place. We explain what Filter Forge is and point you to the official download.

What is Filter Forge?

Filter Forge is an application for Adobe Photoshop which is compatible with 8bf plugin hosts. The plugin hosts lets users apply programmable image filters. Through the visual node-based filter editor, the image filters is then defined.

In other words, Filter Forge is a Photoshop plugin with filters that enables users to create visual effects, process image, generate texture, and enhance photos.

One of the software’s characteristics is that it includes antialiasing and floating point processing. Also, it provides support for normal maps and bump maps production.

To use filters, lists of controls and pre-sets are provided like color, sliders, pickers, lists, and so on. These lists are included in the filter dataflow. In addition, the nodes support mapping images, curves, and remapping scalar values. However, there is no support provided for any other kind of node grouping, macros, and module. But to manage filtering, users can copy and paste nodes together with their connections.

There are also several features of this software which makes it different from other programs. First, users can create their own filters. Second, users get free access to 9810 filters created for users. Last, contributors can get Filter Forge for free trough submitting filters for popularity purposes.

Download Filter Forge from the developer

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Download Filter Forge (external link)


File types supported by Filter Forge

Our users primarily use Filter Forge to open these file types:

About file types supported by Filter Forge

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Last updated: : November 4, 2013