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EQ5 Application

If you are looking for EQ5 Application, you have come to the right place. We explain what EQ5 Application is and point you to the official download.

What is EQ5 Application?

EQ5 is Electric Quilt 5, one of the iterations of the Electric Quilt series. EQ5 was the iteration of Windows 95 to XP users. The program lets users access an extensive library of designer fabrics, embroidery designs, blocks, and other quilting elements in virtual form to use in creating a quilt design on their computers. The program basically allows users to do virtual quilt layouts before working on the quilts IRL. Its drawing tools support both line and polygon block drawing as well as appliqué drawing with curves and a medley of models.

The software supported BMP format fabric files and imposed absolutely no restrictions on the number of fabric files users could import, or on the number of colors and patterns that could be used in quilts. The program also included the ability to import photos and incorporate them into quilt designs.

The EQ5 software came packaged with enormous libraries of quilting elements: the block library included more than 3,000 blocks. The fabrics models were even more numerous, more than thrice the number of block models. Projects could be printed out in a variety of ways, including appliqué and pieced modes.

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Last updated: : June 22, 2014