EPOC Install Application

What is EPOC Install Application?

The EPOC Install Application installed EPOC on a compatible device. EPOC was an operating system that used to be found on quite a number of portable devices back in the 80’s and 90’s. While the name was later held to stand for Electronic Piece of Cheese, the original inspiration was the word “epoch”.

EPOC was outfitted with support for wireless communications, which was why it was used for portable devices such as PDAs and mobile phones. It had a GUI that was based on pen input and sported an extremely compact, trim code—one that further improved its compatibility with many of the hardware-limited portable devices of its day. There have been several versions of EPOC throughout the years—often distinguished from each other by the digits following the EPOC name—but the family of products has since been replaced by Symbian, which is considered EPOC’s direct successor. This also came in tandem with the retirement of the Psion Software brand: Psion had formed a partnership with several phone producers (including Ericsson, Nokia, and Motorola), and the resulting company was branded Symbian Ltd., the maker of Symbian OS.

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