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Encarta Researcher

If you are looking for Encarta Researcher, you have come to the right place. We explain what Encarta Researcher is and point you to the official download.

What is Encarta Researcher?

Encarta Researcher was a plugin that Microsoft offered for users of its Encarta digital encyclopedia. Specifically, it was a browser-installed plugin, as it leveraged content from the Web-based reference entries of Microsoft’s Encarta database. It served as a research notes organizer, or a reference organizer, some would say: it allowed users to collect and organize the data users found and needed from Encarta entries so that they could easily locate it again for their projects. Users could copy the organized content directly, but would find a copyright boilerplate copied along with it, for IPR purposes.

The Encarta Researcher collected data in notecard form, which made using it an intuitive process for most researchers. Notecards could be transformed into outlines for a user’s report: the outline could then be exported into Microsoft Word for further refinement.

Encarta Researcher was phased out along with the other Encarta programs from Microsoft in 2009, when the Encarta encyclopedia site was closed down by the company. It was not equivalent to the Encarta Research Organizer (a common error, due to their similar names) and was also incompatible with the files generated by that other program.

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Last updated: : September 4, 2014