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What is ECCO?

Ecco Pro was originally made in 1993 by Arabesque Software. It was bought by NetManage, and was discontinued in 1997. Ecco Pro is a type of software for managing personal information. It is based after an outliner. It has supporting folders that look the same as spreadsheet columns. These allow sorting and filtering of information, based after the criteria described by users. This version of ECCO supports contact and calendar data, and to-do lists. It allows integration with other kinds of software through an export and import capability, called the Dynamic Data Exchange and the Object Linking and Embedding.

This software provides its users with three types of views. These include a calendar view, a notepad view, and a phonebook view. The main feature of the program’s look is an outlining structure which can control information, no matter where it was placed in. Users can open many calendar, phonebook, and notepad views. Every item that is viewed can be turned into a collapsible outline, with every line being assigned to different categories and folders. These categories and folders themselves can be their own text field, pulldown menu, views, calendar dates, and phonebook entries.

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File types supported by ECCO

Our users primarily use ECCO to open these file types:

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