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E.M. Free Game Capture

What is E.M. Free Game Capture?

E. M. Free Game Capture is a utility for recording game screens in real time. The application is able to record games in various video formats and framerates, both of which can be selected by the user. The user can set the frame-per-second recording rate, e.g. if he specifies a recording FPS rate of 10, the utility will record at that rate, permitting him to optimize capture settings for his precise system resources or storage space. Users with better 3D cards and better system resources may record at very high FPS rates and further maximize video quality by using high-def and lossless formats.

Like many other game capturing tools, the program offers hotkeys so that users will not need to exit their screens to stop and start recordings. The user can also specify a particular region or window on the screen to be recorded if he does not want all desktop activity to be visible in the captured video. Both 3D games and OpenGL ones may be captured using the software, which also provides users with options for the sound source to be used (the program can capture system audio or microphone audio).

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