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What is DVD Decrypter?

DVD Decrypter is a discontinued application that enables the backing up of DVDs via the creation of disc images, or alternatively to burn such disc images onto a blank disc or DVD. The DVD Decrypter was notorious for its ability to circumvent disc protection schemes, earning it its name, and for this it was later halted on legal grounds due to a cease-and-desist order from the courts (with the plaintiff as Macrovision). ImgBurn is its successor, although it doesn’t have the same capability to create disc images from copy-protected discs. Both it and ImgBurn are developed by Lightning UK.

ImgBurn is a free program that allows the recording of data into recordable optical discs, or create image files of the data contained in such discs to be stored on your hard disk (which are then ready for instant burning to another disc).. Although it has the same optical disc authoring and image-creation capabilities of DVD Decrypter, ImgBurn is not able to bypass the security and protection of copy-protected DVDs, as DVD Decrypter is able to, in order to stay within legal safety. It can copy unencrypted DVDs, however, and for the purposes of defeating copy-protection on encrypted DVDs there are unsanctioned ImgBurn third-party add-ons.

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File types supported by DVD Decrypter

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Last updated: : May 9, 2012