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Diner Dash

What is Diner Dash?

Diner Dash is a strategy game based on a time management model where you take control of a character named Flo who’s trying to serve customers at a restaurant with increasingly tight time limits, number of customers, and their demands. Along the way, as she goes up through the stages, she unlocks the number of tools at her disposal to make her tasks easier and faster, although at a proportionate increase as well in the number of customers and more elaborate demands, plus a tighter time limit. A stage is cleared when all demands for that stage is completed and you can advance to the next round. Before each round, Flo can collect money from the previous one and invest it on tools to empower her restaurant services or enhance her serving capabilities.

One of the best-selling downloadable games in recent history, Diner Dash has spawned spin offs and sequels, one of which is Wild Tangent’s Diner Dash 2. It has ports on a variety of platforms, including Windows PCs, MAC OS X computers, PlayStation 3 (through the PlayStation Network), Xbox 360 (through Xbox Live), Nintendo DS, and even on iOS and Android devices.

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