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Digital Photo Professional

What is Digital Photo Professional?

The Digital Photo Professional is a software meant for professional photographers that is designed to generate high-speed processing for RAW images. These are shots of photos or videos that have not been previously edited, copied or processed by a graphics editor tool, retaining its original resolution, color crispness and aspect ratio.

Users of the Digital Photo Professional are provided with a digital-mode workflow that is ideal for seasoned photo enthusiasts who require seamless navigation of their editing software and easy access of tools based on the editing process.

This software contains basic image editing and enhancing tools such as adjustment options for brightness, sharpness, saturation and contrast and an added adjustment for picture style. Contrast options come in sliding option to enable user to view the effect and choose the setting on the spot. Imperfections generated by the lens like peripheral illumination and distorted image is resolved by using the lens aberration tool. This tool works with RAW files. Support for video files includes the noise reduction function which separately manages chrominance and luminance noises for sound clarity and neatness.

The Digital Photo Professional is developed by Canon for its Digital EOS SLR Camera series and some Canon compact digital cameras such as the Powershot series. The software is bundled in these devices in CD package while an online version is available free for download. It runs on Windows OS and Mac OS X.

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File types supported by Digital Photo Professional

Our users primarily use Digital Photo Professional to open these file types:

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