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DigiDoc klient

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What is DigiDoc klient?

DigiDoc klient or Client functions as an application that is used to verify and check any files with digital signatures based on the specification prescribed by ETSI TS 101 903 XML Advanced Electronic Signatures (XAdES). This application is developed by Estonian Informatics Centre and is mandated to be used by the Estonian Government.

This application is one of the main components of the DigiDoc system which also include other applications such as the DigiDoc Portal. The DigiDoc Klient or Client utilizes the DigiDoc COM-library and is written using the programming language Visual Basics. Using this application, signatures can be validated directly from the time a signature was produced. OCSP sends a response about the signature and the data are then stored in live databases and not on Certificate Revocation List. This is similar to how OpenXAdES also works. The security model that comes with the system has been regarded as one of its main challenges.

DigiDoc klient or Client can be used with all Microsoft Windows platforms beginning from 98 and is continuously updated to cope with the ever-changing features of MS Windows. It has been used for the ID system employed by the Estonian Government.

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Last updated: : July 31, 2013