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What is Digi-Watcher.com's Watcher software?

DigiWatcher is a security software that specializes in video surveillance. It includes the optional associated software called RemoteView. This software offers a full solution for office or home security, remote video surveillance and broadcasting. Watcher is also a webcam software. It monitors activities in users’ home or office 24 hours a day by capturing motion event using the webcam. These movements are then saved into compressed video clips with audio and will trigger various alerts including ftp upload, email or phone. DigiWatcher features camera image broadcasting capabilities, which can circulate users’ webcam on a remote website or Watcher's embedded web server. Watcher can run as an NT service or in minimized mode and it can also be scheduled. RemoteView is an optional free tool that can connect to Watcher via a telephone line (modem) or internet (TCP/IP). It enables users to perform remote video surveillance from anywhere in the world by real time video/audio streaming.

Watcher software takes real video clips up to 640x480 frame size, and has an enabled audio capturing. The events are completely logged from the very beginning, or even seconds before the motion detection. The video log files produced by Watcher are well compressed to much less than 1% of its original size, but will give good quality result. Users can access the video log files remotely, and be informed if any event happened at their home instantly, without having to rush home. The list of video log files can be watched with preview images. The advanced motion detection algorithm feature of DigiWatcher allows users to set sensitivity, duration of capturing and many other options. They do not need to provide a separate hardware for motion detection, as Watcher does the detection by analyzing the incoming video.

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Last updated: : December 8, 2014