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Devil May Cry is one of the best-known games from developer Capcom, although it is also considered one of the first Capcom “deviants” in the sense of deviating from the label’s usual style. The title has already seen several games released from the series, and is considered one of Capcom’s biggest successes.

A distinguishing feature of Devil May Cry (as well as other games from Hideki Kamiya, it is said) is the strong emphasis on stylistic gameplay. Action chains and combos are animated with emphasis on style and graceful (if-sometimes-explosive) movement in the game, which is of the hack and slash type. Players are provided further incentive to achieve more visually stunning chains by the game’s grading system, which takes into account the complexity and length of the assault and combo strings achieved by the player, along with the length of time the player manages to avoid taking damage from the enemy. Elaborate and intriguing visuals further encourage attack chains, leading to a distinctive gaming experience.

The Devil May Cry games have been released for several consoles, including the Playstation 2 and 3, as well as the Xbox 360 and the PC (Windows + Mac).

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Last updated: : July 11, 2014