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DESI Labeling System

What is DESI Labeling System?

The DESI Labeling System software is a program used with DESI’s line of phone label strips. The company makes literally hundreds of types of phone strips, each with a specific phone brand and model that it is meant to be used with, and the DESI Labeling System software renders it possible for users to make the most of those strips by producing official-looking labels—as opposed to merely scrawling names or designations on each line, for instance.

The DESI Labeling System software is free, as the label strips and plastic covers are the actual objects sold by DESI. Using the software, a user can enter designations or label text, modify text size, modify text color, select text style, and so on. The user can even alter the alignment of lines using the program. Furthermore, users can add images—such as company logos—to their labels if desired, adding an extra touch of corporate style and professionalism to their finished product. Best of all, the program offers users a way to generate multiple labels quickly by offering printing options as well as custom template creation and saving.

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File types supported by DESI Labeling System

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