What is Derive?

Derive was a computer algebra system that was developed as a successor to nuMATH by the Soft Warehouse in Honolulu, Hawaii, now owned by Texas Instruments. Derive was implemented in muLISP, also by Soft Warehouse. Its very first release was in 1988, and was discontinued on June 29, 2007 in favor of TI-Nspire. Its last and final version is Derive 6.1 for MS-Windows.

Since Derive does not require a lot of memory space, it was suitable for use on older and smaller machines. It is also available only for Windows and DOS platforms, and was also used in TI pocket calculators. Derive was easy to use, but also accurate. Floating toolbars give access to Greek and other mathematical symbols. Users can verify results and explore different approaches to problems. Derive 6 also shows intermediate steps in the calculation. Problems in algebra, trigonometry, and calculus can be solved with a single click of the mouse. Users can also make plots of mathematical expressions in two and three dimensions, by using various coordinate systems. Derive is a tool for learning, teaching, and doing mathematics.

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