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DELETER CGillust Plus

What is DELETER CGillust Plus?

The Deleter CGillust Plus software is an application designed for computer graphics creation. Marketed specifically to computer artists with an interest in anime- and manga-style graphics, the program supplies all of the essential raster graphics utilities that its competitors also have. For instance, users have various pen and brush tools, line tools, color options, and more. The program also has tools for layer drawing as well as masking.

Where it deviates somewhat from many of its competitors is that the Deleter CGillust software also offers process recording, which means that it allows users to record their workflow for later reference or for presentation purposes. The developer also gives users access to special tutorials for drawing that can be downloaded from the brand’s site. The program also carries more than 200 tone (shading) files that digital manga artists can use for their work.

While the developer recommends that the software be used with its digitizer (the Deleter-brand drawing tablet), the software can actually work with other digitizers as well. The program has the ability to recognize pen pressure, but it will only be available if the tablet supports that too.

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