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If you are looking for DeepSkyStacker, you have come to the right place. We explain what DeepSkyStacker is and point you to the official download.

What is DeepSkyStacker?

DeepSkyStacker is a pre-processing solution for deep sky photographers. The user generally collates his photos, submits them to the software for processing (which means the software can import RAW files), then need only collect the results subsequently, saving him the effort of manually processing his photographs. Among other things, the software can be set to register by itself any given photo set and can also detect the stars within a given photo. All registered stars can be previewed using it too.

The essential image quality processing performed by the application includes the computation of darks and flats as well as automated improvements to qualities such as saturation and RGB levels. There are multiple ways to stack using the software, and the user need only choose the one he prefers to use, whether it is average stacking, maximum stacking, or something else. The program can also be customized to perform specific functions, e.g. it can be set to detect hot pixels by itself and resolve them. Astrological body positions can be edited manually if desired. It is also available in 10 languages, with English and Spanish among them.

Download DeepSkyStacker from the developer

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Download DeepSkyStacker (external link)


File types supported by DeepSkyStacker

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About file types supported by DeepSkyStacker

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Last updated: : July 14, 2014