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What is CX-FLnet?

The CX-FLNet is a program installed on a programmable logic controller, or PLC, that is part of the FL-net system developed by Omron Corporation. This is a network of PLCs, CNCs (computer numerical control) and robot controllers linked together, which prior to FL-net could not be performed unless each component is from the same manufacturer. FL-net is standardized by the JEMA or the Japan Electrical Manufacturers Association to connect such devices together. FL-net is based on the Industrial Ethernet standard, although the main difference between them is that FL-net guarantees real-time data transmission via the FA Link Protocol on top of the standard UDP/IP, which is particularly important for PLC components. FL-net is however not backwards compatible with older PLCs and only works with such devices after this system is standardized (or is FL-net certified for interoperability).

The CX-FLNet installs on a PLC such as Omron’s CJ1 line of programmable logic controllers. These controllers, using the FL-net system, is utilized in a variety of fields including automotive manufacturing, whose bulk of the work is carried out by robotic machinery programmed to do specific work.

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File types supported by CX-FLnet

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