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If you are looking for CUW, you have come to the right place. We explain what CUW is and point you to the official download.

What is CUW?

The Calibration Update Wizard downloads calibration files from TIS, into the Diagnostic Tester Program Card. This step is only needed when the calibration file isn’t stored in the Diagnostic Tester Program Card. The CUW determines if there is enough memory to keep these calibration files inside the Diagnostic Tester Program Card. The CUW will instruct users to pick the calibration files that can be deleted from the Diagnostic Tester Program, when memory becomes insufficient. CUW 6.0 is the only version that it suited with the Diagnostic Tester software version 10.2a, and later versions. Users can choose the link to the TIS Diagnostic Applications Installer when needed.

Techstream 2.0 puts together the scantool and the functionality of TIS into one portable gadget. The data in Techstream 2.0 can be viewed and analyzed by technicians, and look at some relevant TIS service documents. They can also reprogram vehicles coming from the driver’s seat through TIS’ wireless connections. The Techstream 2.0’s Panasonic CF-31 PC gives off a brighter and better screen, long-lasting battery life, a larger keyboard, and a faster processor over its predecessor.

Download CUW from the developer

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File types supported by CUW

Our users primarily use CUW to open these file types:

About file types supported by CUW

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Last updated: : August 26, 2014