CuteSITE Builder

If you are looking for CuteSITE Builder, you have come to the right place. We explain what CuteSITE Builder is and point you to the official download.

What is CuteSITE Builder?

CuteSITE Builder was a program that was used for authoring websites. Now discontinued, it included a number of site templates that users were able to use as guides for their projects and also gave users a visual editing interface with which to do their work. As a result, even inexperienced website designers and those with little-to-no programming experience were capable of generating full-fledged websites using the program, which was in fact marketed to include beginners in its target demographic.

Workflow on the program basically began with the user’s selection of a website template and accompanying design. From there on, the program would generate a unified website file that would contain all the information for the website being created. The user could then use the program’s visual editor to see the appearance of his creation, make real-time-effect changes to site design, and add media and content to the site by going through the pages (some were already provided with each template, but users could also add more) and placing content where he wanted it to be. From images to HTML code, users were allowed to add just about all the standard website objects to their creations.

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File types supported by CuteSITE Builder

Our users primarily use CuteSITE Builder to open these file types:

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