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What is CSDiff Application?

ComponentSoftware Diff, also known as CSDiff, is a type of file-analysis tool used for Microsoft Windows. This program has the ability to analyze changes, which have been produced between two revisions sourced from the same folder or file. Users can also use CSDiff when analyzing program-source files and HTML documents. Two files or folders can be chosen for comparison, and the program will make a new document to show the difference. These documents can be compared by letter, line, or word. The document’s small size and handiness makes it a nice tool for those who want to create various plain text files. But CSDiff’s directory-comparison function can only inspect file names. It cannot search for files that have similar content, but different names or compare the same time stamp files. This program is quite useful to basic programmers and list makers of any ability.

The program’s edit mode allows users to accept, manually edit, or reject any changes. It can change detection by words, by characters, or by lines. This program also has an enhanced folder difference analysis reports, which consist of XML reports, HTML reports, filters, and optional links leading to file-level analysis.

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File types supported by CSDiff Application

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Last updated: : September 3, 2014