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Cricut DesignStudio

What is Cricut DesignStudio?

Cricut DesignStudio is software developed by Provo Craft & Novelty, Inc. to provide support for their line of Cricut machines. Cricut machines are a special type of equipment designed exclusively for creating die cuts for scrapbooks, gift boxes, banners, cards, tablet case, mobile phone case and other projects.

The software is intended for the various Cricut cartridges provided by Provo Craft. The program allows for designing a layout on the computer, so the user can see how the design takes shape, and edit as necessary before sending it off to the printer.

The program’s main feature is its capability to weld letters together so these can be cut as a single piece. This feature does away with cutting each letter at a time, and pasting them together to form a word.

The user may combine letters and shapes from their available cartridges to create new designs. Letters and shapes can be manipulated in several ways: by rotation, flipping, slanting or resizing. It also includes a library of shapes and letters, which the user can utilize to test how these can be integrated into the designs before purchasing the cartridge that supports them.

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File types supported by Cricut DesignStudio

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