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If you are looking for Concordance_10, you have come to the right place. We explain what Concordance_10 is and point you to the official download.

What is Concordance_10?

The Lexis Nexis Concordance 10 program is merely one of the iterations of the company’s well-known e-discovery software. To be precise, Concordance is legal software, used for sharing and discovering litigation documents with a legal team. Since litigation often involves high volumes of paperwork as well as research, Concordance comes in useful by providing a central resource from which to access all documents relevant to a case. Nearly every document format is supported by the software, which also accepts scanned documents.

Concordance has its own management system tools for organizing vast pools of data. Documents can be tagged, sorted into specific folders or sorted into topics. It can be accessed from nearly anywhere with an Internet connection. It also has myriad security layers in order to prevent litigation documents from ending up in the wrong hands. Document annotation as well as review/preparation prior to release or sharing is possible. The user can also store as many as 33 million documents in a Concordance database, with database concatenation supported for up to 127 distinct databases. Finally, the program was designed to be capable of integration with other legal programs.

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File types supported by Concordance_10

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Last updated: : July 20, 2014