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If you are looking for ChemBioFinder, you have come to the right place. We explain what ChemBioFinder is and point you to the official download.

What is ChemBioFinder?

ChemBioFinder is an online biology and chemistry reference database. It used to be called as ChemFinder.com but later changed to CHemBioFinder.com which portrays a new outlook and layout. It provides users with information about chemistry with almost 2 million compounds indexed which are linked to other websites.

With this program, users can have access of CambridgeSoft from PerkinElmer. In addition, a user can search for compounds by molecular formula or weight, structure (exact and substructure), name, CAS Registry Number, or by InChIKey.

The InChlKey serves as a hyperlink to corresponding entries in ChemSpider. Annual subscribers’ continuous use of contents offers free trials. The program allows five free trials before asking users to subscribe to cambridgesoft.com.

For subscribers, the CambridgeSoft from PerkinElmer user account is free which offers access to a list of products and services. The services include quarterly white papers and articles on all our offerings, print publication Chem & Bio News, and frequent webinars.

ChemBioFinder includes changes from its previous version. Physical properties are no longer provided unless the user has a subscription to ChemIndex or other CambridgeSoft from PerkinElmer online databases that provide this information.

Download ChemBioFinder from the developer

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Download ChemBioFinder (external link)


File types supported by ChemBioFinder

Our users primarily use ChemBioFinder to open these file types:

About file types supported by ChemBioFinder

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Last updated: : November 29, 2022