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What is CerTus-LdL?

CerTus-LdL is software developed by Italian company ACCA Software. The program’s main function is to enable architects and technicians to identify risk factors in the workplace, specifically, plants and factories.

The software helps the user identify potential risks in the building design before construction begins. This allows them to reduce or completely eliminate various risk factors in the workplace, taking into account the processes involved in the workflow.

From machines to office equipment, headroom to floor design, staircases, safety exits, entryways to office cubicles; all elements are analyzed by the software to allow the user to see a clearer picture of what could go wrong once people start working in the plant or factory.

Risk assessment also takes into account the chemicals used in the plant, exposure to carcinogens, load handling, stress in the workplace, noise, extreme temperatures inside the plant, fire hazards, and exposure to asbestos. The software provides the user with a graphical representation of the processes and activities regularly performed on-site and offsite.

CerTus-LdL is offered as paid software. A trial version may be acquired from the ACCA website.

Download CerTus-LdL from the developer

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Last updated: : April 1, 2013