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If you are looking for BlueJ, you have come to the right place. We explain what BlueJ is and point you to the official download.

What is BlueJ?

Originally developed as university project, BlueJ came about as an integrated environment specifically for Java that is intended to be used for introductory teaching. It was developed to be utilized as platform for teaching Java at La Trobe University located in Melbourne, Australia as well as at the University of Kent in UK. Said project was under the direct supervision and support of Sun Microsystems.

BlueJ has the main objective to introduce Java as a programming language for first year university students. This platform supports both textual and graphical editing capabilities and is built on an interface that can be easily grasped by beginners. The software is also created to perform interactive calls for objects as well as their creation. It features several functionalities and among of them are virtual machine, compiler, debuggers, and an integrated editor. The software can also be utilized for the development of incremental application.

BlueJ is also being tested to be functional with Macintosh, Linux, Windows, and Solaris. The main objective is also to make it run on various systems that support Java-based virtual machine. Although it is also used widely in universities, maintenance is still on-going to enhance its current capabilities.

Download BlueJ from the developer

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Download BlueJ (external link)


File types supported by BlueJ

Our users primarily use BlueJ to open these file types:

Some users also use BlueJ to open these file types:

About file types supported by BlueJ

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Last updated: : July 31, 2013