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BLASTSearch Application

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What is BLASTSearch Application?

The BLASTSearch Application may refer to a component of Vector NTI Express which can be used to look for sequences similar to a specified (query) sequence. The search application leverages various sequence databases that are available for public use. When using BLAST (which stands for Basic Local Alignment Search Tool), a user basically leverages a widely-used heuristic algorithm capable of detecting even small details of sequence similarity and relationships that can aid his research or analytical process.

In the main program (Vector NTI Express), the BLAST search application is indicated by a stylized icon of a magnifying glass with the word BLAST on its lens. The application also allows users to specify the kind of search that they want to run. For example, a user might want to run a nucleotide query search, a protein query search, an amino acid query search, and so on. Users are also given the option to specify the type of search algorithm that they want the application to use, as well as the GenBank database they want to run their query against. There is also an option for restricting a search to the results of an Entrez query.

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Last updated: : December 4, 2014