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What is Bejeweled?

Bejeweled by Wild Tangent is their take on the beloved series of games, which was first developed by PopCap Games in 2001 intended for browsers. There have been 2 direct sequels of the series, of which the second, Bejeweled 2 Deluxe, is part of Wild Tangent’s series of flash games. The gameplay of Bejeweled, which is consistent among the sequels, involves lining up 3 or more identical gems in a row or column (horizontal or vertical, respectively); this is called a chain and the chain disappears. A gap appears, therefore, which will then be filled by falling gems from the top. The action of the chains sometimes causes up to 8 gems to disappear, netting the player more points, or a cascade effect, where multiple chains are set off by the falling gems when they form a chain with the adjacent gems.

Though Bejeweled can be tried for free, it requires a purchase, or alternatively as a free games pack for new desktop PCs or laptops. There had been some concern if it was spyware, and though a definitive answer is yet to be determined, it is usually harmless and what activity it does in the background is only for updating and advertising purposes.

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